Beyond her strengths as a lyricist, Jah9 is delivers an impressive performance as primary producer of this nine song project. With collaborators, including Andrew Campbell, Laurent 'Tippy-I' Alfred, Brecht DeBeover, Franklyn 'Ben Up' Irving and Earl 'Chinna' Smith, Jah9 has delivered in '9' an album, nay, a sonic site of resistance and revelation. 9 fulfills the promise of her earlier releases with expansive maturity, prophetic purpose and even deeper displays of warrior-goddess prowess on the mic.

Greg Tate, Black Rock Coalition – June 2016



(Track 3 from '9' The Album)


"Unafraid" Official Visuals

(Track 4 from '9' The Album)


'Humble Mi' Official Visual

(Track 1 from '9' The Album)