First Single from '9' The Album

We have much to give thanks for knowing that where there is life, there is infinite potential. Enjoy the first official single from "9" The Album "Humble Mi" ... Give thanks to Lost Ark Music for producing this track with I and Joavan Puran art for the Phine work on this painting... humbled.

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Jah9 covers Riddim Magazine

In preparation for Jah9's new album, German based magazine, Riddim honours her on the cover alongside Akae Beka aka Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite. Copies available on June 16.

MAC Cosmetics interviews Jah9 for "Global Heroes" series

Jah9 is the stage name of Janine Cunningham, the Jamaican reggae artist whose blend of protest and playfulness is a big hit back home and steadily gaining momentum further afield. Spinning messages of social justice with more light-hearted themes, such as her paean to the humble “Avocado” in her 2013 hit of the same name, there is always an emphasis on vitality, sunshine and health. Here, she explains why staying true to who you are and eating well are the keys to unlocking inner beauty.

Have you come to view yourself differently since achieving musical success?
I’ve been writing since I was six years old, uncensored, for my own therapy. When I started writing songs for other people, I became more conscious of having to communicate a clear message.  But it’s improved my process. My fans like my candour and the fact I’m unapologetic in my views

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Jah9 reveals the first single for her upcoming debut album via David Rodigan's "Sista Session" recently recorded at Anchor Studios. The single, titled 'Humble Mi', was aired via BBC 1Xtra and can be watched via 1Xtra's youtube channel. Jah9's follow-up to her 2013 debut album, "New Name" is divinely dubbed "9" and will be released this Summer

This is the year of '9'

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Jah9 has kicked of 2016, the year of 9 (2+0+1+6=9), with a slew of new music and videos. The "Jazz On Dub" empress just revealed a captivating visual of her beautiful homeland for her song "Feeling Irie".  The video, directed by Samo Kush-I, was shot in the Portland parish - boasting lush vegetation, beautiful beaches and awe-inspiring views. "Feeling Irie" is a collaboration with VP records and celebrated producer, Clive Hunt. The album is now available on iTunes and on vinyl


Jah9  teamed up with Clive Hunt and VP Records, to recreate Dennis Brown's single "Bloody City". The single is featured on Dennis Brown's cover album named "We Remember Dennis Brown"

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