The only double life that I lead is the fact that I’m a spiritual being

An indivisible duality accountable only to my self

My physical is sacred not a product for a shelf, not for sale no need to prep

Except for the protection of my mind and self respect

Through daily meditation , I find my inspiration and secure my motivation

as I introspect, I learn to know myself


I seek an inner voice to help me making my choices

 in this western world bombarded by so many noises

I am a stranger here but still I have no fear

For in fulfillment of my purpose my soul rejoices


My only challenge is to better know this feminine divine which I aspire to

The lessons learnt have brought me to a place of peace

 for what  cannot change I know I must release

so with patience and humility  face the world

god manifested in the flesh but still a little girl

I will give freely of my time and energy

Knowing the creator will replenish me


I seek for inner strength to recognize the wealth

Of opportunities provided in my daily ventures

I am a stranger here still I will have no fear

For the source of my potential is infinite


Spending the moments as a sacred gift

the heights I can attain provide a constant lift

My spirit recognizes others on their journeys way

Representing for the anciency in present day

There is a light the shines from a fire deep

Within my consciousness a treasure that inspires me to keep my peace

For  in the stillness is the key to creation

Of wealth and happiness from positive vibration


And my inner light will help me see and know the right

Way to prepare and persevere when it comes time to fight

For I’m a stranger here, but I will have no fear

For the sun still shines regardless of the darkest night


Seek for your inner voice to help you make your choices

Learn to differentiate between the truth and the noises

As a stranger here, you must never fear

For the knowing of your self is cause for great rejoicing