It's really hard on the man dem of today

Cause di system set a way,

And it seems like positivity no pay

But despite negative,

A few a dem a give us inspiration in di way dem try to live

I mean some really honest yout

You can depend on for the truth

Who not afraid to show the girl

Dat she’s the centre of his world

Those one’s who workin constantly

To support the family

It’s time we take the time to state

How much we appreciate you.



This one is for all my brothers,

Who keeping it real, and showin all you sisters how u feel

Man I rate u, I appreciate u

U mean the world to me

Yes this one is for all of my brothers

Even though things dread,

Boy u never let it stress u head

Cause u fearless and u focused and u free.


Yes it hard cause di answers not so clear

And society not fair

And it seems no that noone has the time to care

But I’m grateful for the fact

That u always have my back

Cause it compensates for every ting we lack

Dispite di constant state of strife

I’m glad I have u in my life

And when frustration starts to brew

I simply concentrate on you

Cause even when our plans go wrong

Like a lion you stay strong

And since you deserve the best

Expect it from your lioness.




You inspire me,

Your life demonstrates that love is greater

You inspire me

You’re truly a gift from the creator

You inspire me,

To be a higher me

So if you require me

I am yours entirely.